Sunday, January 22, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words....(Photo blog)

 I know I'm terrible about blogging but life just has been so busy.  William spent a week in the hospital in St Louis.  I spent a week in misery missing him and trying to adjust to life with him away.  The house is so quiet but my mind won't stop.  I had a repeat nerve block done on my back on the 12th and felt so good on the 13th that I picked Jordyn up from school and headed to St Louis.  Here are some photos from our fabulous weekend.

 She was ready to leave without me!!

 Jordyn and her snowman! She was so excited to actually get to play in the snow since we have had such a warm winter in Memphis. 
 After warming up and getting dry we headed to the science center with Grandpa Bill.  We even got to see an IMAX movie.  We are amazed at how much free stuff there is to do in St Louis.  Such a cool town!
 After the Science center we sat back and watched some football, even though the games were lame.  Daddy and Jordyn colored! I'm not sure who enjoyed this more.
 Then we got some exercise in the Haven House Gym.  It was a good time and great for Daddy's lungs and for my heart!
 Jordyn and William's pictures even made the wall at Haven House and we think it also made it into their yearly video which should be posted to their webiste soon.
 As I packed up the car to leave Monday morning, William and I realized it was going to be a beautiful 70 degree day so he call rehab and asked if he could walk the Zoo with us instead of walk on a treadmill, they of course said YES!! They didn't know he would be wrestling Elephants though! FYI the zoo is also FREE!
 Some how I don't think he's brave enough to pull this one's tail though..
 Jordyn and Grandpa Bill walking the Zoo....I love this picture!
 Just before leaving the zoo we snapped one more picture of us.  We had a quick lunch and then said our very tearful goodbyes....It's so hard and Jordyn was very tearful which was hard on all the adults trying to hold it together.  Jordyn said to William to reassure him "It's ok Dad, you will be in my heart!"
This is my favorite picture from our trip.  Their love is amazing to watch. 

Jordyn and I are home now and trying to adjust to life without our rock but we know he is remaining strong and that Grandpa is taking good care of him. I'm so thankful to my parents for helping raise Jordyn while Willaim is away.  I'm trying to keep my emotions together but I miss my husband so much.  I miss the sound of his treatments.  I miss tripping over the oxygen tubing everywhere.  I even miss his cough.  I know that this our going to be our new lease on life but I am already impatient and he's only been listed 19 days.  Please continue to pray for us and keep sending your postive thoughts.  Willaim just finished his two weeks of antibiotics and should get his PICC line out on Monday as long as he is feeling better and all of his labs look ok.  He will continue to go to rehab three days a week and more if they think he's having problems.  He is in really good spirits and is really enjoying the company of his dad. I am going to make a effort to sit down once a week and update everyone even if it's just to say there are no changes and we are still waiting.

Lesson for the day: The best things in life (and St Louis) are FREE! ;-)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Parting is such sweet sorrow

On the road leaving St Louis headed back to Memphis. I am devastated. While I love the opportunities that transplant presents for us I HATE leaving him. And I hate even more that he is so sick and I have to leave.
I know it's been a long time since I have blogged and lots has happened. After arriving in St Louis William was diagnosed with pneumonia and put on IV antibiotics at home. This was short lived because he spiked a fever and needed to be admitted to the hospital. This was scary and new to us as we had only been in St Louis 2 days and have not experienced the procedures and protocols at Barnes. He is on a specialized pulmonary unit where they treat a lot of CF and lung transplant patients. Everyone so far has been really nice and listened to all of our concerns.
William's dad, Bill arrived safely in St Louis the day William had to go into the hospital. I am so thankful to be leaving him in such capable loving hands. Thank you Pops! Haven house has been amazing and I hope William and Bill will be comfortable there while we wait for THE CALL. I pray that it is soon and I pray for our future donors family and all the healthcare workers and physicians involved in his care. If you would like to send William anything or words of encouragement his address is
William Drabant
C/o Haven House
12685 Olive blvd
St Louis, mo 63141
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and continue to share our story with your friends and families. Also please consider donating to William's transplant fund. It's tax deductible and 100% of the funds are available to William for transplants related costs. His website is

Thank you everyone for your. Continued love and support you all keep me going.

Lesson for the day: Distance is no obstacle to love!