Thursday, August 16, 2012

Right lung is in!

Right old lung out new right lung in. Working on getting old left lung out. He has not needed to go on bypass at this time. Sats dropped a little but when the new lung kicked in they came back up he is doing well!! Omg this is really happening!

The day has finally arrived!!!

OMG I'm in shock! We got the call today for William's lungs and liver! William called me at 2:30am and they took him into the operating room at 6. We don't have any more info at this point. I'm bummed that I didn't get to see him before he went back. I am so thankful to the donors family. My heart aches for them as we celebrate this incredible gift of life!! I haven't had a break down yet....I'm sure it's coming. I will keep updated through here or at

Thanks to everyone that has supported us during this long 7.5 months we have been waiting. Thanks for your prayers thoughts and always being there