Friday, May 18, 2012

20 Weeks of waiting and I've got the blues....

Well as you all know we are still waiting....It seems like the weeks are passing faster now but they have become more and more agonizing.  As many of you know William was in the hospital the last week of April and and on home IV's through the first week of May.  I was there the week after that for my birthday and our 6 year wedding anniversary.  It was a great time but I could tell William was a little run down.  Heck I'm a little run down. 
Yesterday William started having problems with his blood sugars.  They would go as high as 550 and then all the way down to 50.  We knew something was going on.  When he arrived at rehab today they could tell he wasn't feeling well.  He needed more oxygen and was running a fever.  They admitted him right away.  Gosh I wish I was there to help him. I wish I could help his dad with all the headache that comes with an admission. I wish that I could just see him and be with him.  I wish that we would get the call!!!!

William will be in the hospital a week minimum maybe longer so that he doesn't have to go right back in like last time.  Mentally though William is holding up far better than I am.  I'm so thankful that he lets me vent to him and allows me to vent my frustrations when he's the one going through all of this.  They did three transplants this week and I'm devastated that one of them wasn't him.  I'm thrilled that three people received the gift of life and I pray for the donor families, but it hurts. 

Our daughter Jordyn graduated from kindergarten this week.  Very exciting but also makes me ache to have William home to see all these milestones.  She misses her Daddy so much.  Maybe now that it's summer break we can get up to see him and stay more than just a couple of days.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Those perfect organs are out there....

Thanks for letting me vent everyone I'm just having a tough week.....

Lesson of the day.....Blue is not really my color!

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