Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life and some stuff in between

William is in the hospital with pneumonia getting a tune up. He already has his PICC line in and they have started the antibiotics he needs. I really wish I was there to help take care of him and just be with him.

I think I can safely say we are frustrated with the's been 16 weeks so far. My birthday and our anniversary are May 5th so I'm going to head up and spend some quality time with him then. Boy do I miss that man. I know he's being brave and strong for me. He's working so hard in rehab. He's up to walking at a 3 mph pace, which is almost triple where he started.

I'm trying to stay busy and that's not hard between work, housework some outdoor activities and being a mom.
People keep asking how much longer will he be gone and my answer is x plus three months. X being the day he gets new lungs and a liver. I'm so ready for day X. Please pray and send all your healing to William that his new life is coming soon.
I'm sorry I haven't blogged lately just please know its so hard for me to say we are still waiting and waiting. Just this week it has become agonizing to think about how much longer it could be. I just have to know that the right set of organs are coming and they will be perfect.
I love you William. And I miss you so much.
Lesson of the day: It's ok that it's not day x, because soon it will be!

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  1. Missed you last week! Praying for you both! Bill and Norma Smith