Sunday, April 1, 2012


I hate it! The waiting we must endure. The monotony that William is having to deal with. I'm terrified and so sick of not being with my husband. I know this is for a chance at real life but he's been gone 14 weeks already.

Thanks to all those that helped make our garage sale a huge success. All those that donated items, those that help set up and run the sale, and my wonderful mom that ran the whole show. If anyone of you have items for garage sale, would be willing to help with fundraising activities in either KC or Memphis please let me know. We have almost 25% of what we need for transplant cost and some great ideas for more fund raising! Please continue to share our story.

Sorry I'm so bad at keeping up with this. It's just, all there is to tell is....still waiting. I promise when there is something to share good or bad I will keep everyone updated.

Lesson of the day...praying for patience always means you're in for a long WAIT!

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