Thursday, November 24, 2011

Overwhelmed with stress and thankfulness....

   I know it's been a little while since I've updated and I'm sorry for that.  Things have been crazy busy.  Trying to arrange all the pre-transplant appointments, find a suitable apartment, raise funds and shop for a wig(Since I've pulled out all my hair).  Also I have been back at work and trying to get readjusted to the night shift.  We went this week and got family pictures taken for the first time in several years...very excited to send them out and thrilled to have gotten the opportunity.
   We are so incredibly thankful for so many wonderful things.  We are thankful for the life changing opportunity for liver/lung transplant.  We are thankful for the many generous donors that have contributed to William's transplant funds.  Thankful to all our friends and family that put up with me and my mood swings as we go through this journey.  I personally am thankful for a wonderful run this morning to help clear my head.  I am lucky to have such a brave husband and partner through all of this, especially one that lets me nag. 
  Our efforts for the next few weeks is to focus on fundraising and the apartment hunt.  We have raised some amazing funds but still need a little more to get him moved up there and actually on the list.  Until he can establish residency we have to wait to list him.  We are hoping that maybe we can get everything together before Christmas.  As much as I will be sad to spend the holiday away from him I know that it's for the chance of endless possibilities and new life for William.  Please continue to share our story and our donation page with everyone.
    We are working on getting a volunteer meeting together in Kansas City on December 10th, probably in the early afternoon.  Please let me know if you are interested in helping out and I will get your info to my lead volunteers.  We will be doing somethings here in Memphis as well.  We ordered baby blue bracelets that we will be selling for $5 and should be available first part of December.  Pre-order is available and they are already going fast.  Order early and get yours from the first batch. I'll post pictures and ask for orders again after we receive them.
   Well I hope you all are enjoying some wonderful food and surrounded by your loved ones for this day full of feasts and gratitude.  I once again feel so blessed that William has recovered some and is able to enjoy it with us.  Lesson for the day: Be thankful for all that you do have, and for all the silver linings!!


  1. I think I've missed the link to pre-order bracelets somewhere... how do I do that? :)

  2. I am trying to get them to Kelly B in time for volunteer meeting. I am assuming CB is Chris Blair.... If not send me a message to and I'll get you the info. <3