Sunday, November 27, 2011

I am rarely at a loss for words.....Mark this date on your calendar

  I told myself that after Thanksgiving I was going to begin to process this all and well let's just say I've been procrastinating a little.  I guess so much has happened and so many ups and downs have been survived that I forgot to stop and actually deal with them.
   I'm excited to have this opportunity and terrified in the same moment.  He's moving 5 hours away for the chance to give us years to spend together.  I am sad and over joyed all in the same moment.  And when transplant comes I'll be a mess again.....Super dooper major surgery... removing and replacing THREE organs....A bright beautiful chance at a full and healthy life.  The Ying to the Yang, the ebb to the flow.  I literally feel a little fractured some days.
   William is doing really well.  The weather change and the bug that Jordyn brought home has only bothered him a little.  (Knock on wood.) He is gaining some weight and headed to the doctor tomorrow to get some more of the labs and shots that the transplant team wants done before they will list him.  He seems much better at processing all this than I am.  He is just going at all these obstacles (including me some days) and pushing through. 
   I am thankful to all the emotional support I receive from my mom, I know that we all kinda feel swept up in this moment but I want her to know how much I appreciate her.  I love you, Mom, thank you!  And to my amazing group of friends that continue to take my emotional and manic calls at all hours of the day and night, you guys amaze and sustain me.  And thank you to God for continuing to build this incredible testimony with me and my family. 

I know this is short but the lesson for the day is : Pause and reflect.

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